IELTS Speaking Lessons and Exercises

On this page you can find free IELTS Speaking lessons and IELTS Speaking exercises to improve your speaking skills.

The Speaking part of IELTS is different from other parts of this exam - this is the only part where you have to speak face-to-face with the examiner. To succeed in IELTS Speaking test, you can learn the procedure and structure of the speaking part, as well as useful techniques, grammar and correct speaking styles from the lessons below. To enhance your skills, complete the corresponding exercises.

IELTS Speaking lessons:

Lesson 1 : purpose, structure and procedure

Learn about purpose, structure and procedure of IELTS Speaking test to know what will happen on the test day.

Lesson 2 : marking criteria of IELTS Speaking test

Learn how your speaking skills are assessed on the exam.

Lesson 3 : part 1 of IELTS Speaking test

Understand the 1st part of IELTS Speaking test and see tips and strategies to succeed in it.

Lesson 4 : giving relevant answers in IELTS Speaking

Learn how to structure your speech and give answers that are relevant to the question.

IELTS Speaking exercises:

Purpose, structure & procedure:

Exercise 1
purpose and structure of Speaking test

Exercise 2
grading criteria of IELTS speaking

Speaking tips & techniques:

Exercise 1
how to give a good answer